Capturing Nature Through Timeless Design®

Landfare Ltd. creates landscapes and outdoor living spaces for clients that enhance their lives through design. The goal is always to make each new component – landscape, hardscape, water features – blend seamlessly with the existing home and structures.

Our motto, Capturing Nature Through Timeless Design® helps guide our choice of materials for each project. We select landscape materials that work with existing landscape and are conducive to strong growth in our climate. We always choose hardscape materials that are timeless, so 25 years from now, the walkways, stairways and patio we build look fresh and never outdated.

Bluestone, limestone and sandstone are particularly suited to match the design aesthetic of many of our clients’ homes. On the other hand, you can tell the age of a project using pavers by the timeframe when a specific shape, color or texture was popular.  So what looks contemporary today can look very old fashioned in a few years. The new elements may look out of touch with the home’s design and exterior materials. Stone and brick do not tell their age in that way – just look at some of the world’s most famous buildings, statues and monuments: timeless!

Timeless design takes thought, effort and a commitment to creating remarkable outdoor designs that will look great and function beautifully for a very long time. For Landfare Ltd., it is the way we always approach a new project.