Landfare Ltd

Garden Design

Capturing Nature Through Timeless Design™

Working with the mood and spirit of your home, we create an outdoor ambiance that supports your lifestyle. Through creative landscaping, dramatic hardscaping and the addition of water features and illumination, your outdoor space becomes an intimate and unique extension of your home. Trees, plantings and blooming flowers are selected to enhance and compliment your home’s design features.

Designing for each season.

Your home’s landscape design is an orchestration of color and texture. The beauty of each season is reflected in the plantings selected and the placement of each garden.

Blooming flowers and trees announce the arrival of spring. Summer heat tolerant gardens. Trees and shrubs that burst into fall colors.  Illumination is designed to play up the beauty of trees, fountains, walkways and your home, creating winter drama. No detail is left to chance, and all working together to create year-round beauty.

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