The Seven Levels of Illumination

Each landscape project Landfare Ltd. designs and installs follows a philosophy that acts as a guide through the entire project. The goal is to create outdoor living and entertaining spaces that match perfectly with the esthetics of the exterior of each client’s home and the interior design choices the client has made. Going from the indoors to the outdoors should be a seamless transition, and Landfare Ltd. designs achieve that goal.

To make sure that transition works day and night, John Spayde, Landfare Ltd.’s designer, created the Seven Levels of Illumination,™ the company’s approach to lighting. This design concept considers each outdoor space, including the living areas, the property, all gardens and landscape, and the house itself.

By designing to this standard, there is never a misdirected or random light installed, never an important feature that cannot be seen, and the functionality of the space is always maximized. Illumination design supports safety and security, while creating an elegant ambiance to every landscape. The design starts with the primary layer of lighting and moves through the rest to ensure the completed illumination design is perfect!

The Seven Levels of Illumination™

• Low Lying – These are the lamps that light up planting beds to maximize shape, color and texture.
• Foundation – Tree trunks and exterior sculptures are lit so they can be enjoyed day and night.
• Canopy – Trees and ornamental shrubbery are gently lit to showcase shape, size and texture.
• Pathway – Terraces, patios and walkways are illuminated for safety and to allow homeowners easy access to their outdoor living spaces, creating year-round functionality.
•Structural – Unique details of the home itself, such as fireplaces, chimneys, roof lines and canopies, are lit to showcase the home’s architecture.
•Moon Lighting – Positioned in large trees to light surrounding grounds, they help highlight the scope and depth of the property.
•Underwater – For water features, pools and spas, underwater lighting is critical for safety. Drawing attention to fountains and other water features brings a sense of drama to the entire space.

Every component of a well-designed illumination plan must work in tandem with the others to enhance the home’s landscape and outdoor living spaces.

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