Heating Things Up

For this full backyard renovation our client wanted an outdoor entertaining space they could use nearly year ’round, so a fire feature had to be part of the plan. Here you can see how we excavated to create a terrace with steps leading to the fire pit. Perfect for gathering family and making s’mores!

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Deck Your Halls With Gorgeous Holiday Decor

Creating the right ambiance for your home during the holidays takes planning, patience, attention to all the details and, in many instances, a team of professionals to execute the plan. Designing outdoor and indoor holiday decor is one way to share the spirit of the holidays with family and friends. Our designers meet with you to determine the overall theme of your design, preferred colors and if you would like to include iconic holiday symbols, like reindeer, bells or angels.

Lighting Your Outdoor Spaces

First the Landfare Ltd. team evaluates the trees in your yard, their position and limb structure. The focus is on the trees because they are the base for all lighting. We design and overall plan to light trees, doorways and other structures on your property.

We use only LED bulbs to create brightness and holiday magic. Depending on the design, we select white or colored bulbs. We especially like the icy brilliance of blue bulbs in a winter landscape. Tree limbs are wrapped with strings of bulbs – we never use netting. After the holiday season, we remove all lights and store them for the next year.

Entrances can be lit with bulbs or with indirect lighting. We custom create swags and wreaths that match back to your design as well as bountiful seasonal urns.

Indoor Design

It is important to create the perfect holiday effect for your home. From outdoor lighting and decor to holiday decor in the rooms of your home, we want to create a feeling of wonder and holiday peace. The design theme we use on the exterior of your home is brought inside. Here is where details are critical – each piece plays a part in creating the ambiance you want for your family and guests.

Vaulted ceilings beg for massive Christmas trees, and our team has the equipment needed to perfectly execute our design plan.  Mantels, stairways and tabletops are used to bring your holiday theme to life.

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Aged To Perfection

Landfare Ltd. wants homeowners to have the landscape design and outdoor living spaces of their dreams.

For this project, our client wanted a new custom designed pergola that would blend perfectly with the existing patio. The design includes a lath ceiling with built-in ceiling fan. To create that not-new look we intentionally aged the wood structure by hand.


A warm fire sets the ambiance on a chilly fall night. Just picture relaxing by your custom designed fireplace chatting with friends and sipping a glass of wine. Perfect! John Spayde, President and Designer at Landfare Ltd. starts his design plan by talking with clients to learn how they will most often use their fireplace: game day supporting actor, s’mores with the kids, or relaxing retreat.  Then he begins the design process, making sure all elements enhance your outdoor living spaces and the ways you choose to use them.

Sculptural Water Feature

Custom designed water features are one of the exciting design elements that we bring to our clients during the design process. Whether re-purposing homeowner’s art and sculpture or creating a totally new design, water features are a wonderful way to customize your property. 

The team at Landfare Ltd. discovered an 1950s era planter on a client’s property. Our designer, knew immediately that this could be a beautiful and elegant fountain that would enhance the home and property. After the piece was leveled, a copper pedestal with multiple channels was designed and fabricated. The water capture basin was designed with a Greek keystone design, again in copper, to tie back to the original concrete piece.  Our crew brought plumbing and electrical to make the new water feature come alive day and night.

See more of our custom water features here.

Inspiring Fall Colors

Selecting the proper trees for your home’s landscape is an important part of the design process. At Landfare Ltd., we take into consideration your lot size, adjacency to your home or other structures and how you may want each type of tree selected to perform. Are big shade trees important, or do you prefer evergreens? Many of our clients want to ensure their trees provide a healthy habitat for birds. And nearly every one wants their landscape to provide a colorful show in the fall.

We’ve selected a few of our favorite trees, all that will give you that prototypical Ohio fall foliage display that announces fall.

Red Sunset Maples are beautiful throughout the year: winter buds, clusters of small spring flowers, stems and winged summer fruits all in a striking red hue. But when fall leaves burst out in red and orange, the result is show-stopping color that really epitomizes the perfect fall display of color. The Red Sunset is a large tree – 454 to 50 feet tall with a 25 to 40 feet spread – and while it offers wonderful green leafed shade in the summer, it’s the fall foliage that makes the biggest impact on your landscape.

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Patio Esplendido

One would never expect to see a hacienda in Grandview Heights, OH but it is there, and Landfare Ltd. was brought in to create outdoor living spaces that matched the Mission/Pueblo architecture of the home. Selecting materials was critical to the project. From Choctaw and Morgan Tan flagging for the patio floors and the impressive fireplace to conifers, grasses and flower plantings, all had to work together to create the perfect hacienda ambiance. “It’s just where we want to be,” said the homeowner about their breathtaking outdoor living spaces.

See more photos and read the complete Housetrends Magazine article here.


The Landfare Story

Landscape design wasn’t John Spayde’s first career choice, but it may be his destiny.

Growing up in Mansfield, Ohio, John was surrounded by lush, natural landscape. His family owned a wholesale nursery and tree farm where John worked during each summer. The nursery taught him as much about horticulture as it did about hard work and attention to details. John learned to appreciate the trees and shrubbery, valuing each for the seasonal beauty they brought to landscape design.

John’s mother, a talented member of the Kingswood Garden Center, nurtured her own flower garden and won many awards for her beautiful flower arrangements. John grew up surrounded by flowers, trees and garden design that worked in harmony.

Read more about John Spayde and Landfare Ltd. here.

Details Define Each Project

Front porches and patios offer wonderful opportunities to display containers filled with plants and flowers. At Landfare Ltd, each element must support the overall property design. John Spayde, Landfare Ltd. principle and designer, knew this client’s front entrance deserved something dramatic and elegant to welcome visitors.  These Italian urns are the perfect contrast for this French country home’s limestone porch and steps.  The featured boxwoods are 28 years old, trained and trimmed to perfection – not a random choice at all!. Seasonal flowers and greenery work with foliage and blooms throughout the property. It is all of these details that bring the best out in your landscape.


Climbing Hydrangea: One of Our Favorites

For this home, we added climbing hydrangea to the chimney to create a balance between the tree to the right and the lower landscaping details. Although the hydrangea was not in bloom at the point this photo was taken, it will feature large, fragrant clusters of white flowers that bloom in late spring and summer against a backdrop of dark green, heart-shaped foliage. These vines climb columns, trees, and other supporting structures. A climbing hydrangea plant grows 30 to 80 feet tall, but it tolerates pruning to shorter heights.