Inspiring Fall Colors

Selecting the proper trees for your home’s landscape is an important part of the design process. At Landfare Ltd., we take into consideration your lot size, adjacency to your home or other structures and how you may want each type of tree selected to perform. Are big shade trees important, or do you prefer evergreens? Many of our clients want to ensure their trees provide a healthy habitat for birds. And nearly every one wants their landscape to provide a colorful show in the fall.

We’ve selected a few of our favorite trees, all that will give you that prototypical Ohio fall foliage display that announces fall.

Red Sunset Maples are beautiful throughout the year: winter buds, clusters of small spring flowers, stems and winged summer fruits all in a striking red hue. But when fall leaves burst out in red and orange, the result is show-stopping color that really epitomizes the perfect fall display of color. The Red Sunset is a large tree – 454 to 50 feet tall with a 25 to 40 feet spread – and while it offers wonderful green leafed shade in the summer, it’s the fall foliage that makes the biggest impact on your landscape.

While Tulip Trees are named for their flowers that look similar to a blooming tulip, they are actually part of the Magnolia Tree family. Their shiny green leaves turn a glimmering yellow gold in autumn creating a really striking pop of color against a blue sky. This fast growing, straight-trunked tree are beautiful in your landscape and help feed area birds. The tulip tree offers chartreuse colored fruits in the summer that disperse seeds in the fall for hungry birds.

Dogwoods are ornamental trees are known for their very showy early spring flowers, always a welcomed sight after a long winter. But they also offer bright red fruit that appeal to birds and crimson foliage in the fall. Altogether, the color is simply beautiful. Dogwoods look lovely throughout the year.

Every plant and tree we select for your landscape plays an important role in the overall design esthetic of your property. Customized selections and placement are part of how Landfare Ltd. “Captures Nature Through Timeless Design.”