Capturing Nature Through Timeless Design™

The Landfare Ltd. approach to design is very specific: we design and create outdoor living spaces that look and function beautifully and transcend time or trend. Our motto, Capturing Nature Through Timeless Design™, tells the story of what we do.

When we begin creating a landscape design we consider the home’s architecture because we believe outdoor living spaces must enhance not fight with that architecture. We look at the home’s interior design and the choices the homeowners have made because we believe moving from indoors to outdoors should be a seamless transition.

The selection of hardscape materials like pavers and bricks should look as if they have been part of the home’s design from the beginning, not an afterthought. Pools, spas and water features should help create the ambiance not distract from it. Planting materials must work together to bring color and life to each season.

We think of it as lovely symphony of design selections and professional installation that work together to create timeless outdoor environments for our clients. Each piece is carefully selected to ensure a beautiful finale!

It’s Almost Pool Time

Pouring Concrete

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If you think pool construction stops in winter, you would be wrong. Our crews work year-round building, installing and creating amazing outdoor living spaces for our clients. These photos were taken just a few weeks ago, during a bone-chilling January cold and snow storm. Tenting covers the entire work area, heaters are brought it to keep the area a toasty 85º, and crews pour concrete over support rebar. About that rebar, Landfare Ltd. uses more than industry standards require – we work off a 12′ grid – in order to better reinforce the structure and ensure a beautiful concrete surface.


Ohio Invasive Plants Ruin Your Landscape

Japanese Honeysuckle
Purple Loosestrife

While they may look innocent enough, maybe even beautiful, plants that have been labeled invasive by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) will take over your landscape.  A new list of invasive plants was released November 30, 2017, and it is now illegal to sell those plants anywhere in Ohio. While most nurseries do not sell invasives, there may be some who still have them in inventory. Buyer beware!

These plants not only crowd out other plants, they can actually change the ecosystem in landscapes, around rivers and in woods. They takeover and choke other plantings that are important for birds and wildlife. Be aware that management of these invasive species is difficult and complex; obtain more detailed information before using controls such as herbicides.

Landfare Ltd. designers and crews are well-educated about the plants we incorporate in our landscape designs. Recently a new list of 38 invasive plants was announced.  Our clients can be assured we do not use these plants in our designs. We want our clients and friends to know which plants they should never purchase and, if found in their landscape, should contact a professional to properly manage the invasive plants.


This issue was featured in a January 2018 article in The Columbus Dispatch – read it here.

List of top ten invasive plants in Ohio on the ODNR website (includes photos of each).

See the list of 38 invasive plants on the Ohio Invasive Plant Council website.


Deck Your Halls With Gorgeous Holiday Decor

Creating the right ambiance for your home during the holidays takes planning, patience, attention to all the details and, in many instances, a team of professionals to execute the plan. Designing outdoor and indoor holiday decor is one way to share the spirit of the holidays with family and friends. Our designers meet with you to determine the overall theme of your design, preferred colors and if you would like to include iconic holiday symbols, like reindeer, bells or angels.

Lighting Your Outdoor Spaces

First the Landfare Ltd. team evaluates the trees in your yard, their position and limb structure. The focus is on the trees because they are the base for all lighting. We design and overall plan to light trees, doorways and other structures on your property.

We use only LED bulbs to create brightness and holiday magic. Depending on the design, we select white or colored bulbs. We especially like the icy brilliance of blue bulbs in a winter landscape. Tree limbs are wrapped with strings of bulbs – we never use netting. After the holiday season, we remove all lights and store them for the next year.

Entrances can be lit with bulbs or with indirect lighting. We custom create swags and wreaths that match back to your design as well as bountiful seasonal urns.

Indoor Design

It is important to create the perfect holiday effect for your home. From outdoor lighting and decor to holiday decor in the rooms of your home, we want to create a feeling of wonder and holiday peace. The design theme we use on the exterior of your home is brought inside. Here is where details are critical – each piece plays a part in creating the ambiance you want for your family and guests.

Vaulted ceilings beg for massive Christmas trees, and our team has the equipment needed to perfectly execute our design plan.  Mantels, stairways and tabletops are used to bring your holiday theme to life.

Call Landfare Ltd. to begin your holiday design project. See more of our holiday lighting and decor here.




Is Boxwood Blight Killing Your Plants

First discovered in 2011, boxwood blight has been found in the midwest. The spores from the blight can easily spread in to adjoining boxwoods, the soil and mulch.

Removing the diseased plant will not eliminate the problem in a typical landscape. Professional intervention to actually kill the spores may be needed.

Landfare Ltd. clients know they should call us whenever a boxwood that we have installed looks like this. Our crew will evaluate the plant to ensure there is no boxwood blight present. If the is blight, we will take the proper steps to remove and contain the problem.

We consistently share news and updates like this with our teams. The Horticultural Research Institute offers expert advise for professional landscape organizations. Learn more about boxwood blight here.

Photo courtesy of Margery Daughtrey, Cornell University


Now Is The Best Time To Plant Bulbs

After a long, cold winter, spring flowers breaking through the ground are a very welcomed sight. Planting bulbs in the fall will ensure you have the celebration of color you want for your home.

Site selection for spring flowering beds is very important. You want to give a burst of color to the homeowner and their neighbors from the outside of the home (who doesn’t love pulling into the drive and seeing those vibrant flowers in full display) but also be able to be seen from inside the home. The colors selected should compliment a home’s early blooming landscape trees and shrubs. We choose bulbs that bloom sequentially so the beds continue to bloom throughout the season. And with bulbs, more are always better! Our landscapers plant 10 bulbs per square foot of garden bed. That way we are sure there will be an explosion of color for our clients.

See more of our spring bulb gardens here.



Values Statement

We believe in team, togetherness and putting others first. We believe that alone we can
accomplish nothing of any value. We believe any organization that exists solely for itself is a failure. We believe we can find purpose beyond profit by living an honorable life at work and at home. By consistently practicing the following tenets we believe we can not only better serve our clients but also our families and our communities.

Nurture Relationships 

We believe that building and maintaining healthy relationships is both an essential work and a crowning achievement. If you place value on relationships and the people behind them, you will better understand life and find greater purpose.

Be Honest

There is no middle ground to this, you are either honest or not. Therefore, always do the right thing, particularly when no one is looking. Tell the truth, tell it early, and tell it yourself.

Embrace Selflessness

We insist that you check your ego and adopt a team mentality. Around here, we succeed as a team and we fail as team. Approach each day with humility and watch things work out for the better.

Promote Safety

There is no greater asset to any organization than its people. We must remain committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

Remain Teachable

We believe that learning is never a finished work. Take criticism, admit when you are wrong, be willing to change course and see opportunity when faced with failure, move
forward with boldness and you will be unstoppable.

Timeless Design From The Ground Up

This condo patio began with the precise placement of irregular limestone flagging that help to set a tropical mood. The custom designed copper water feature showcases large ferns and is illuminated for a brilliant evening display. The multi-textured plantings surrounding the patio include seasonal palm trees, arborvitae and succulents. The homeowner wanted their own Paradise Found and Landfare created it!